Why remodel now?

Why remodel your bathroom now? According to Cost Versus Value in 2010 the average midrange remodel cost was $16,634. Jumping forward to 2020 that same remodel would cost $21,377. That is an increase of over 28% in ten short years. Going from 2020 to 2021 as material prices continue to rise there was an increase … Continue reading Why remodel now?

Latest Accessories

Moen Teakwood Seat Stay Safe in your Shower with this remarkably sturdy and stylish fold down seat from Moen. This seat supports up to 400 pounds and is a perfect addition to your next shower remodel. Liquid Accents Slotted Corner Shelf Just out! This corner shelf is made from stainless steel with plenty of storage … Continue reading Latest Accessories

Luxury Bath Facts

Your bathroom should be clean, fresh, and pure. Recently, Luxury Bath® released the most innovative and exclusive product line in bathroom remodeling. This technologically advanced line of custom tubs and showers are only available through Luxury Bath, and designed to provide you with a custom, clean retreat. Here are some amazing facts about Luxury Bath … Continue reading Luxury Bath Facts